Where You Come To Learn How To Grow A High-End Furniture Painting Business

Learn To Turn Your Passion For Painting Into A Profitable Business.

Do you feel LOST in a sea of furniture painters? 

Do you feel totally overwhelmed with what to do to grow your business? 

Are you tired of slinging paint all day long for little profit? 

I’m Amy Murry owner of Amy Murry Designs and I teach talented furniture painters like you how to make more money in their businesses.

Just like me, you have goals and deserve to thrive. You have the right to profit on your talents while doing what you love. Teaching you how to grow a successful furniture painting business is my passion!  Your success as a furniture painter is more important to me than just a sale. To me, it’s personal.

I’m ready to teach you EVERYTHING that I know about running a successful furniture painting business inside my private membership group, “THE PAINT BOOTH”. 

My proven techniques have consistently grown my own social media reach and my bottom line to gross over $100,000 annually from my business. I continue to increase my profits monthly and you can too!

Treat Your Furniture Painting Business as a Business and Not a Hobby!

You can make money selling your painted furniture and painting services but ALSO you can make EXTRA money by incorporating additional revenue streams that make you money while you’re sleeping!

Have you ever dreamed of making enough in your business to…

  • Quit your soul sucking day job
  • Pay for an amazing family vacation
  • Save for retirement
  • Help your extended family
  • Invest in additional training and tools

How does “The Paint Booth” Membership Work?

Each month…

Members Only Training Videos showing you how to improve your painting skills, how make extra money online, improve sales, how to market your creations, and push through those negative thoughts.

Access to past training videos including How To Powder Glaze, Glitter Drawers, How To Start Making Affiliate Income and so many more! There are hours upon hours of painting and business training waiting for you!

Limited Group Size, because we believe in mentoring above monetary gain. You are not just a number to us. We are vested in helping your pursue your dreams!

Community Group to ask questions where Amy, Doc and your like-minded business buddies are EAGER to help.

LIVE monthly video chat with Amy and your fellow members where we focus on addressing your most pressing business needs.

Help when you need it most. We’re there to give you personal assistance

And, since some topics are beyond my scope of expertise,  I seek out Additional Resources and Guest Speakers to help us all learn to grow.

You’ll receive Attention, Support, 100% Authentic, and Honest No-BS Guidance by someone who has already done it!


I promise to cover a lot of information making sure that you get your monies worth. But I also understand that not everyone is in the same place in their business. Some are new business owners just starting and some more further along. I work hard to you find the level of training you need for this moment in your business.

But if you feel that it’s not a good fit for you, you can cancel at anytime.


Have further questions about this training? Shoot us an email!