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I’m so excited to teach you how to use the amazing powder glaze! This product has completed transformed my business, and I’m honored to teach you all I’ve learned about the product and how to use it on your projects. Below, you’ll find the video tutorial. I know it’s tempting to jump ahead, but try to watch the video in its entirety from start to finish. There are several little nuggets of information you’ll want to make sure you get before you take the leap and start powder glazing on your own.

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Basics Of Powder Glaze Video Tutorial

Powder Glaze Supplies

Purchasing Powder Glaze

Axalta Zennith Waterborne Powder Glaze can be purchased through an Axalta distributor.

Here’s the link to locate one near you.

I use 9mil gloves and always wear a mask while working with powder glaze!

To remove the powder glaze, I prefer to use both Mirlon and Scotchbrite pads, both in Very Fine.

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