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Lisa Wallis, LW Interiors & Design

“If you want to learn powder glaze, start with the best in this business, Amy Murry and her husband, Doc. They have such passion and a love for this elegant and classy finish. Amy taught me how to achieve this look that you just can’t get with any other finish. I can send her message with a thousand questions, and I almost have, she can answer every one. They both teach every process, from prep to topcoat, needed to get the perfect look I was wanting. This look is going to be a game changer for me. This is my favorite group. Thank you Amy and Doc for everything!!”

Lisa Wallis, LW Interiors & Design

Do you want to stand out in the sea of furniture painters?

Would you like to sell furniture faster and for more money?

Powder Glaze TRIPLED the amount I was getting paid for my furniture overnight….and it can do the same for you too!

Amanda Jones, Amanda Jones Furniture

“I recently signed up for Amy Murry’s online video course to learn how to Powder Glaze. Her work is always so gorgeous and I was thrilled to know she was basically giving away her secrets! The course was amazing, very informative and Amy answered every single question that was asked. I loved it so much that I bought the 3M spray gun, two gallons of Powder Glaze and the other supplies that were needed. Then Amy hosted another online course to show everyone how to set up their spray gun and do every single step to make your furniture look like hers. I immediately gave it a shot assuming I would never be able to do it, she must make it look too easy. Amy was such an excellent teacher that I was able to achieve exactly the look I wanted! With so many furniture painters out there these days, I need something to set me apart and this is definitely it. I highly recommend Amy’s courses to painters at all levels!”

Amanda Jones, Amanda Jones Furniture

So…How Does This LIVE Online Training Work?

I’m SOOOOO Glad You Asked!

This training will take place in a special Facebook group that only your fellow class members have access to. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive the link to join the group. Feel free to introduce yourself and get to know your fellow classmates! On the scheduled training session days, I will come into the group with LIVE video where we’ll get right down to the training. During the LIVE training sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions as I go along, and I’ll be able to interact with you the entire time. We’ll have a lot of fun!

I’ve broken down this training into 3  “LIVE Training Sessions”. I wanted to make sure nothing was left out of this training for you!

Important! You do not need to be present at each LIVE training session! All of the training sessions will be available to you to watch at your convenience should you miss a live session.

LIVE Training Session Schedule

Session 1, September 6, 2019 @ 8pm Eastern Time

On our first training session together we’ll go over all the product details for Powder Glaze and application. Then, we’ll go ahead apply Powder Glaze by hand and with a sprayer to our project pieces.

Session 2, September 7, 2019 @ 8pm Eastern Time

Our second training session has us diving into the removal process of Powder Glaze. I’ll be showing you several ways to remove Powder Glaze and how I get all that amazing depth and shading.

Session 3, September 8, 2019 @ 8pm Eastern Time 

The magic happens on our third live session together! I’ll be finishing the removal process and I’ll show you how to topcoat our masterpiece!


When you register for the live online class, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to my

Introduction To Powder Glaze Video (a $97 value) absolutely FREE!

BUT WAIT!!! There’s MORE!

How could it possibly get any better???

1. Ongoing Support

Once you’ve taken the class, you’ll get an exclusive trail offer to join my monthly membership group where you’ll have continued support from me when you need it most. (A $77 Value!)

2. Detailed Supply List

Get access to my full supply list with links to each product I’ll be using. As a student of mine, you’ll get an exclusive discount on your first order of Powder Glaze! #SCORE

3. Forever Access

Once all the LIVE Training Sessions are completed, you’ll receive the link to the entire training, with all sessions so you can come back and reference the videos forever.

4. Guaranteed Shenanigans

We like to keep our live training fun and entertaining….there’s never a dull moment with Doc around!!

Trust me my friend, this finish will ROCK YOUR WORLD!


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Jackie McDonald, Past Perfect OKC

“I stumbled upon Amy’s videos on Facebook, and was instantly intrigued. I was adamant about not spraying furniture, until she opened my eyes to a whole new world! Her knowledge is unsurpassed and her willingness to share it has been a blessing to me and my business. I ordered my sprayer without hesitation (because she is THAT GOOD) and have been spraying everything I can get my hands on. Her help, tips, and techniques have saved my business and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Jackie McDonald, Past Perfect OKC


What time does the LIVE Training Sessions start? We usually start our live online classes at 8pm eastern time, however they will be posted inside the group prior to the start date.

What if I can’t watch the LIVE Training Sessions? No problem! The sessions will be available to you to watch at your convenience.

What kind of paint will you be using? We’ll be using Sherwin Williams paint for this training.  

Will you be painting by hand or spraying? I’ll be showing you how to achieve a gorgeous finish by hand and with a sprayer in this training.

What kind of sprayer do you use? I’ll be using the 3M Accuspray in the training.

How do I get into the training group? Once you’ve purchased the training, you’ll receive a “GET STARTED” message from us with all the details you need. If you don’t see a confirmation and you have purchased, please message us by using the contact form below.

I don’t have a sprayer yet, can I still benefit from this training? Absolutely! This training covers application and topcoating Powder Glaze by hand and with a sprayer.

I just want to learn how to use Powder Glaze on my own furniture. Is this training good for me if I don’t have a painting business? YES! This training is perfect for the DIYer who wants to learn how to use Powder Glaze. All the products I’ll be using are readily available to the average Joe!


Have further questions about this training? Shoot us an email!